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A unique design tailored to strenghten your product.
Contact Jessica if you would like to commission her to create a custom-made artwork.

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Drawings or paintings inspired by nature. Purchase original artworks through her online shop.

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Creative agencies, publishers & design firms hire Jessica to create surface pattern designs or illustrations for very diverse projects like stamps, food packaging and light installations.
Jessica’s clients include HEMA, Hutspot x Veloretti, OD Creatie x Jumbo and Philips Lighting

Botanical artworks
Personal project

Packaging design for handmade candles
Babongo, The Netherlands

Cover of Chapbooks
Poetry Society of America, US

Light icons for shopping street
Zwart Janstraat & Noordmolenstraat, The Netherlands

Hand drawn pattern on bicycle
Hutspot & Veloretti, Nederland
Image courtesy of Hutspot

Botanical artworks
Personal project

A professional process with a passionate designer who can help you create an even better product.