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Free wrapping paper

I made a colourful wrapping paper design for you. Download the design here, print & wrap!
For personal use only.



I’m thrilled to announce that I will be joining Field Trip this year. The art & illustration show takes place in New York on May 20th 2019.
12 inspiring artists will be showing their work:
Ampersand Design Studio / Bikini Sous La Pluie / Carolyn Suzuki / Carrie Shryock / Elizabeth Olwen / Jessica Nielsen / Kelly Ventura / Lillian Farag /Monika Forsberg / Nottene / Suzy Ultman / Sara Boccaccini Meadows
Companies and art directors > feel free to request your invite through:


Kids wear and bedding items, Minkmui

Daring prints for the kidswear collection and bedding items of South Korean brand minkmui. The scale and colours of the prints enhance the sophisticated style of minkmui.
View more designs and how minkmui applied them to girls dresses and mats on my catalogue patterns page.
Image courtesy of minkmui


Flow calendar

Find my blue forest on today’s page of the Flow magazine 2019 calendar.


Free wrapping paper

A patterned gift for you. Download the three(!) free wrapping papers here.
For personal use only


Light icons, shopping street

The first light ‘icon’ test for a shopping area in Rotterdam. Part of a large scale project I have been working on together with my sister Juliette Nielsen who is a lighting designer – beersnielsen. The light icons (approx. 1m high) show what the shopping area has to offer (bicycle shops, bread, coffee, fashion etc.) and will hang above the two main shopping streets in Rotterdam North.
A wonderful collaboration with the local entrepreneurs to brighten up the streets and enhance the positive shopping experience.
We have also designed light icons to mark the entrance of both streets and a set of signing light boxes. The project will be implemented in 2019, can’t wait!

Client: Ontdek Noord / ondernemersvereniging Zwart Janstraat & Noordmolenstraat Rotterdam.


Bedding and mats, BO WELL

Collaboration with South Korean brand BO WELL that created mats and several bedding items with my bird design. I like the scale they chose for the pattern, view their home decor textiles with the (large) birds on their website.
Image courtesy of BO WELL