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Kitchen textiles, kittybunnypony

By collaboration

‘Gras’, the latest addition to the growing collection of patterned items in collaboration with KBP (kittybunnypony) from Seoul. A brand that creates beautiful home decor items in their signature minimal and sophisticated style.
Image courtesy of kittybunnypony.

natural soap, Babongo

By collaboration

Four new additions to the Babongo natural soap collection. Custom-made pattern designs showing the scent of the soap: Cedarwood & cinnamon, Rose geranium, Orange & grapefruit and Orange & lavender.

greeting cards, paruspaper

By collaboration

Some new botanical & creature cards for paruspaper. My ‘collection’ of patterned cards (for all occasions) is available in their online shop
They are offering free shipping this month for private clients > use code NEWILLUSJULY.

bedding, HEMA

By collaboration

Bedding items by HEMA with my floral pattern in a striking large repeat. Happy to add that it’s a mix of cotton & lyocell. Tencel lyocell is made from eucalyptus trees from sustainably managed forests using an environmentally friendly production process.
Image courtesy of HEMA.

workshop cards, Groen doen

By collaboration

Jessica den Hartog is specialized in creating new insights in the field of sustainability. Through her new workshop ‘Groen doen’ she inspires and motivates you to lead a more sustainable life. I created the illustrations for the workshop cards. Check Jessica den Hartog for more information & how to join.
Image courtesy of Jessica den Hartog.