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tablecloths, lola

By collaboration

Colourful and durable tablecloths with four of my patterns in collaboration with lola.
Image courtesy of lola. Production: Michèle Verbeeck / Photography: Diane Hendrikx / Styling: Siska Loraine

fashion, AIIZ

By collaboration

A limited edition collection with my twist on a classic floral design for AIIZ. Sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, scarves and more… The bold and minimal flower shape gives the pattern a timeless feel (also reminds me of cookies).
Image courtesy of AIIZ.

swimwear, Maroni

By collaboration

One of the prints of my swimwear collaboration with Maroni from Australia.
A brand “where the allure of a carefree European summer converges with the vibrant spirit of Australian beaches”.
Image courtesy of Maroni.