How to license a surface pattern design or illustration

If you would like a pattern design or an illustration for your product or project you can choose to license a design from my catalogue or you can commission me to create a custom-made design.
Any type of client, big or small, is welcome. From international brands with large seasonal collections to independent entrepreneurs launching their own product and looking for a single pattern design or artwork.

All texts copyright Jessica Nielsen.

Pattern license

How does a license work?
If you would like to use one of my patterns you can license the design. A license means you pay a fixed fee and are allowed to use the pattern on your product / project. The license is always specified in a so called ‘License Agreement’ which we both sign.
I design about five pattern collections a year. On the PATTERNS page you can find a selection of the available patterns and via the link below you can receive my current catalogue with over a hundred designs.

What are the benefits of a license?
The pattern is ‘ready-made’ which means you can use it right after agreement and payment.
• A license is cheaper than a custom-made design. You can license a pattern starting at only 350,- euro ex.VAT!

To receive more information please use this quick form:

license - request info

Or contact me via email:

email me

Pattern commission

How does a commission work?
A commissioned project means you hire me to design a custom-made pattern. I really enjoy the process and aim to help you develop the best possible product, working as a professional and reliable partner.
You can commission me for any kind of project, in the past I have designed patterns for fabrics, umbrellas, wrapping papers, food packaging, a website background and even lighting. You can view some good examples on my PROJECTS page.

What are the benefits of a commissioned / custom-made design?
You have a unique pattern that makes your product stand out
• A well-designed pattern fits your product perfectly and enhances it’s qualities.
• Choosing for custom-made designs gives you the chance to launch a ‘special collection’ with it’s own unique marketing opportunities.

Would you like to commission me to design a custom made pattern for your product? Great! Please fill in this quick form:

commission - request info

Or contact me via email:

email me


Please email me if you would like to license an illustration or if you would like your own custom-made illustration.

email me

Pattern license, project example.
Victoria shoes licensed three ready-made patterns from my catalogue for their kids shoes. Even with ready-made patterns there is always room for changes, in this case for example the client and I chose to adjust the size of the shapes in the patterns so they would fit the product better. Image courtesy of Victoria Shoes.

Pattern commission, project example.
Babongo, an online shop for green lifestyle design, commissioned me to design three patterns for their new 100% natural soap bars and to also take care of the graphic design. I wanted the patterns to be slightly abstract and to hint to the ingredients without depicting them too literally. The graphic design is fresh and flexible, allowing new soap bar varieties to be easily added to the collection.

Illustration, project example.
Pop Up Shop! Angkor asked me to make a mid-century modern inspired illustration of the iconic Angkor Wat temple for their posters, cards and even temporary tattoos. I loved the challenge of ‘translating’ such a beautiful monument into a simple and powerful shape. To complement the collection Pop Up Shop! Angkor asked me to design a pattern with an abstract shape that references the temple for their cushions, bags and aprons. Photography by Bloesem.