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fashion, AIIZ

By collaboration

A limited edition collection with my twist on a classic floral design for AIIZ. Sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, scarves and more… The bold and minimal flower shape gives the pattern a timeless feel (also reminds me of cookies).
Image courtesy of AIIZ.

swimwear, Maroni

By collaboration

One of the prints of my swimwear collaboration with Maroni from Australia.
A brand “where the allure of a carefree European summer converges with the vibrant spirit of Australian beaches”.
Image courtesy of Maroni.

Building update

By building update

A lot has happened the past months! The window frames have been installed. Everything has been insulated. The installations for the electricity, water and ventilation have been prepared. And last week the patterned façade panels arrived. More images here.

tote bag, flip & tumble

By collaboration

New collaboration with flip & tumble from Berkeley, California. A woman owned business producing eco-friendly foldable tote bags. The bags are made of the same light, but tough material as parachutes and hold over 250 times their weight! Find the ‘Pear Blossom’ bag here.
Image courtesy of flip & tumble.

fashion, Kitchener

By collaboration

A new addition to my collaboration with concept store Kitchener from Zurich.

“Our choices are not determined by the scene or by current trends; instead, we concentrate on making sure that our customers enjoy shopping with us. We don’t want to be hip. We want to be independent, personal, and provocative.”
Excerpt from their inspiring brand philosophy (and they are focussed on sustainability too :).
Image courtesy of Kitchener.