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Kids footwear, Victoria shoes

By project

Victoria is a Spanish brand I have been working with for quite a few years now. I’m always happy to see my designs on their kids shoes, especially when they chose daring patterns like these ‘weird’ birds for their collection. View all styles from our collaboration on (search for ‘nielsen’)
image courtesy of Victoria

Greeting cards, Parus

By project

I have teamed up with Parus, a greeting card company from Berlin. They offer beautifully printed cards which are all produced in an eco-friendly way. My ‘collection’ of twenty-five patterned cards (for all occasions) is available for wholesale via

Dish cloth, Babongo

By project

A wonderful and sustainable product by Babongo. Four different dish cloths with my ‘travel’ and ‘peapod’ pattern. These Swedish dish cloths are highly absorbant, washable at high temperatures, plastic free and degradable.

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