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Towels, BO WELL

By project

The third design in collaboration with BO WELL. Small towels with graphic leaves add timeless green to the bathroom (this pattern design is also available as baby blanket).
Image courtesy of BO WELL

Packaging design, Babyduft

By project

Logo, pattern and packaging design for the lovely brand Babyduft from Switzerland. Babyduft offers natural aromacare that relaxes body & mind and improves sleep quality. The pattern on the background refers to the ‘Sweet Dreams’ line that has flowers as main ingredients. Learn more about this natural product here.
Image courtesy of Babyduft

Illustration, Peasy pops

By project

Colourful artwork for the new brand Peasy pops showing the ingredients in a bold and dynamic style. Peasy pops are made from lentils, they’re high in protein and contain 55% less fat than potato chips, yay!
Art direction & packaging design by OD Creatie
Image courtesy of Peasy

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